Passion ...

The company is based on the experience and passion of its owner, from a good 30 years dealing with trade of shell, not only buttons but implementing with any kind of item produced with the best materials and always paying attention to the international market making its work functional and responsive.

MakaMaga S.R.L. iniziò la sua attività basandosi principalmente sul commercio della materia prima, ovvero rondelle grezze e spianate di madreperla, maturando poi in questi anni la volontà di offrire al cliente anche bottoni finiti.

A research for design and originality surround a collection of shapes and colours that puts Makamaga s.r.l. in the frontline, openminded for research, solutions and improvements of its products.


Product care:

The company offers a variety of materials as coconut, horn and polyester but its passion remains shell buttons (trocas, black mop, white mop, river sudan and agoya), valuable material obtained from the inner layers of the shell and formed by the grouping of lamellar crystals of aragonite, placed on each other symmetrically, that with its iridescence pearly white colour enhance clothings shine and facets that only a jewel can give.

We hereby declare that all the shell used by Makamaga s.r.l. is not covered by the list of goods as per regulation (EEC) n° 338/97 of 9th of December 1996 regarding the protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating its trade (convention of washington7 /CITES, Y 900) and all sold buttons are mainly produced in Italy.