Dear customer, we inform you that the general terms of sale, written hereafter shows compliance with current regulations to protect the buyer. The conditions and modality for proceeding with the purchase of products online on WWW.MAKAMAGA.IT in a sure, easy and convenience way. Therefor we invite you to read, stamp and save it in order to satisfy fully the conditions of art. 3 and 4 from D.Lgs 185/1999 of the art. 12 dot 3 of D.Lgs 70/03.

OBJECT: the present conditions govern the selling of products on line, marketed by the company MakaMaga srl with legal office at Rodengo Saiano, via Risorgimento 28, through our website WWW.MAKAMAGA.IT , connected websites and marketplaces. Such conditions are applied from the date of the acceptance of the same from the buyer, it’s fully worth as acceptance according to the civil code art. 1341. MakaMaga reserves the right to modify the conditions in any moment reporting them on our website.

PURCHASE MODALITY: with the sending of the order online the buyer transmit to MakaMaga srl a proposal to by the product or products in the shopping cart, a description is available for each product containing the principal features. The correct order reception will be confirmed by an automatic answer by mail, sent to the e-mail address used by the buyer. Such message will have an order number to use in case of any communication with our company.

MakaMaga will not accept any orders in detail for:

  • If the goods are for the moment out of stock and
  • The buyer don’t accept the way of paying indicated in our website
  • The issuer of the credit card don’t confirm the payment

PRICE, OFFERS AND MODALITY OF PAYMENT: all the prices in our website are to be seen as prices for the private market, meaning VAT included. The prices may have a variation without obligation from us to notice it ahead, due to promotions, discount or special offers. This will not include freight costs, the only correct price is the one indicated when the order is confirmed. The payment of products and freight costs must be done with one of the methods indicated in our website. MakaMaga is not responsible for illicit or fraudulent use that may be made from unknown of credit cards during the payment.

ASSISTANCE: the products sold through the website are protected by the assistance of the producer as foreseen by the current laws. Such support will be provided by e-mail We ask the buyer to always indicate the number order, written on the order confirmation of the same.

RIGHT TO RETURN GOODS: as current law 21/2014 ‘execution of directives’ 2011/83/UE of the right of the consumer, modifying the directives 93/13/CEE and 1999/44/CE that repeal directives 85/577/CEE and 97/7/CE, the buyer has the faculty of asking the right of return within 14 working days from receiving the goods. The buyer is obliged to notify to any possible defect or not compliant found at the e-mail attaching photographic documentation that shows the effective condition of the goods and he will be contacted within 3 working days. The buyer has the right to have the goods repaired or substituted, without extra cost and within a reasonable time. A defect of conformity of a smaller entity that not affects the utility will not give the right to recess the contract.

SELLERS RESPONSIBILITY: the consumer code at art. 128 and following provides and express responsibility from the seller towards the buyer. He is obliged to deliver the goods as description in the selling contract. The product must indeed present all the features described by the seller and should be suitable to it’s normal use.

ESCLUSION OF SELLERS RESPONSIBILITY, meaning there is no defect of conformity:

  • In case the byer knows about the defect
  • If the defect is due to a wrong instructions or materials from the byers behalf

CLAIMS: for any eventual claims or explanation the buyer should contact the seller with a mail at He will be contacted within 3 working days from the request.

PRIVACY: the personal information, as given using our services, will be treated and kept under the responsibility utilized only for handling the order and MakaMaga commits itself to not make them accessible to any third part, if not with your express consent. You authorize WWW.MAKAMAGA.IT to send by mail the order confirmation and to read the mail you send inherent to it. In any case MakaMaga srl grant the right to accede, rectify, cancel or oppose the treatment of the given personal data, sending a written communication to our e-mail

FREIGHT COST: the freight cost are to by payed by the buyer, they are clearly written and detailed in the order and the following order confirmation. For the freight MakaMaga srl will apply the following cost:

  • 3.00 for delivery within 7 working days in Italy island and disadvantaged areas included. Parcel up to 250 g will be delivered directly to byers mailbox, even in his absence, which will be advised by an SMS or e-mail,
  • 6.00 for quick delivery, 24/48 hours in Italy, 72/96 for islands and disadvantaged areas. Maximum weight 20 kg. Buyers will be advised by an SMS or e-mail of the delivery
  • 6.00 for delivery in Europe.