The coconut buttons are used quite often in woman clothing, paired with garments produced in natural fibres.
The colour, appearance and pleasant feeling to the touch makes this product a “must” accessory.



(Trocas, white mop, black mop, river sudan and agoya), valuable material obtained from the inner layers of the shell and formed by the grouping of lamellar crystals of aragonite placed on each other symmetrically, with its iridescence pearly white colour gives to clothing shine and facets that only a jewel can give.



Horn from cow and buffalo (used in accordance with the convention for the protection for endangered species) is a high quality and functional material, it has varying shades of colours due to its natural origin and it’s mainly used for outwear toggles but is common even in menswear.


Fabrics in Micro Fiber

The microfiber is an excellent synthetic fiber, it can be woven with the same plot of a natural fabric but with a very high washability, breathability and water repellency.
Microfiber fabrics are usually very light being a variety of polyester which is composed of extremely thin filaments that resists wear and maintain their original shape.